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For refrigerated air dryer hire in Port Macquarie, Northern Territory or Australia-wide, contact Air Pressure Hire today! We have the equipment you need on hand and are ready to deliver to your location quickly and efficiently.

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Any company in the civil works, industrial and mining sectors that withstands hot and humid summers in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, and Western Australia all the way to the Northern Territory could benefit from having an air dryer for their air compressor on hand. Sole contractors Australia-wide could benefit as well. 

They're essential for keeping your business reliable year round, no matter if your projects are in Coffs Harbour or Tamworth. They help to protect your valuable equipment from the humidity and lower your business's maintenance costs. Hiring this equipment is a cost-effective way to protect your assets while building your business's reputation as a reliable and professional company.

Who Needs a Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer in Adelaide or Darwin?

  • Inexpensive to Set Up and Operate - Compared to other systems, refrigerated compressed air dryers are relatively inexpensive to set up and operate. They draw very little power as they run, and this can help to keep your operating costs lower all year round in New South Wales or Queensland. 

  • Low Maintenance Costs- A small air dryer for compressors has low maintenance costs. They're simple to clean and replace, and this allows you to allocate some of your maintenance funds to other areas. 

  • Airborne Oil Particle Resistant - Airborne oil particles can wreak havoc on machinery, especially if you're working on mining projects in Victoria in Geelong, or in Western Australia in Perth. Your compressed air dryer will continue running without a problem, no matter how many oil particles make their way into the surrounding air. 

  • Low Energy Consumption -During times of low airflow, refrigerated compressed air dryers have very low energy consumption. This is great news for a system that runs constantly. 

There are several advantages to installing an air dryer for an air compressor in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. The biggest benefits of having a refrigerated air dryer include:

Advantages of Installing a Compressed Air Dryer in Tamworth or Port Macquarie

Do you have a problem with moisture getting into your tools when you are out on a job site in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne? Perhaps you're looking for a new refrigerated compressed air dryer. Either way, Air Pressure Hire has the refrigerated air dryer you need, even if you are out in Adelaide or as far as Perth. 

As anyone in the manufacturing or industrial sectors will tell you, excess moisture can cause a lot of problems with your products and processes and lead to a lot of time and money lost. This is where air dryers for air compressors come in. A refrigerated air dryer works like your refrigerators or air conditioning units. It pulls in and cools compressed air and releases it back into the facility. This is especially useful in Darwin, Geelong and Coffs Harbour in the hot summer months.

Why Do I Need a Refrigerated Air Dryer on My Site?


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3/80 Regentville Rd, Jamisontown NSW 2750
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